Now that you’re on our About Us page, you probably want to get to know us a bit, and what we’re all about.

RELEVEL Menswear was created by Tom and Andrea, a husband-wife team.

Tom was always frustrated, that he couldn’t find underwear that he really liked. He didn’t want much:

The undies should be comfortable

The undies should be so comfortable, that you shouldn’t feel it when you’re wearing them at all.

The undies should look awesome

The undies should look awesome, not the same old white-black-blue men’s underwear that guys have been forced to wear for decades.

The undies should be affordable

The undies should be affordable. Who has $30+ to pay for underwear Mr. Klein? Premium quality at a fair price please!

The undies should be plentiful

It has always been hard to find good looking, comfortable men’s underwear. It’d be great if there was a large collection of awesomely unique undies.

Andrea felt Tom’s frustration. Like Tom, she searched high and low, but couldn’t find undies for Tom. The path was clear. If it doesn’t exist, it has to be created. Especially since Andrea comes from the fashion industry, and Tom was a marketing executive before creating RELEVEL.

Together, they founded RELEVEL Menswear.

After 2 years of testing fabrics, designs, sewing patterns, manufacturers, and almost 20 prototypes later, the flagship product was born.

Andrea’s and Tom’s aim was to create the most comfortable, most stylish and most affordable underwear for men, which by all accounts, went well.

They also wanted to rethink the shopping experience, which led them to market their new brand as a monthly service, where a brand new design is sent to the customer’s home each month.

It turns out guys love surprises. Who doesn’t, right?

About half of their customers are actually women purchasing a membership for the men in their lives.